The company in short

Business idea
Sweden Natural Assets’s business idea is to use the latest technology in the exploration and production of oil and gas in the United States. The company operates through the U.S. subsidiary Texas Onshore Resources, Inc. and Texas Onshore Investments, Inc.

Sweden Natural Assets’s vision is to operate efficiently and favorably to its shareholders, investors, and joint venture partners. The company will be among the leading mid-sized oil and gas companies in Sweden.

Sweden Natural Assets’s strategy is to:

  • increase the chances for a successful outcome – and thus develop the business – by forming unique strategic partnerships and networks for each prospect.
  • ensure that the investments the company is involved in will have a potential return on investment of at least 1:3 for projects with shallow formations and at least 1:4-6 for projects with deep formations.
  • engage in drilling on land in order to achieve an appropriate relationship between risk and reward.

The company
Sweden Natural Assets AB (publ), a Swedish company founded in 2007, is active in the American oil and gas market. The company has significant knowledge about the market and the industry, especially since the people who today form the core of Sweden Natural Assets AB have extensive prior experience from high-level positions in other companies. Those skills will now benefit the company in finding profitable new exploitation opportunities.

Strong networks provide great benefits
By applying the knowledge and by participating in and initiating strategic alliances and networks – unique to each individual exploration – increases the Company’s chances for a successful outcome, on the basis of the given conditions of each project.

To work in alliances and in networks is also more cost-effective for all involved. No two projects are the same and that means different skills are needed at different times. These competencies are taken in case of need, and costs thus, the company does not something when they are not being used.

Always tough competition
The oil and gas industry is a very competitive industry and requires a company to continually maintain excellence in order to survive long-term. Oil and gas exploration places great demands on the preliminary work. Studies and evaluations are carried out the best possible way using the best technologies. The company uses 3D-seismic, which is a more expensive method for collecting data on the appropriate prospects but provides greater detail and quality to the gathered information.

A must to be at the cutting edge
One must be at the forefront In order to operate in a market that is as hard and vulnerable to competition as the oil and gas market, Texas Onshore strives to use new methods and advances in the exploration of suitable areas for investment and exploitation.